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            Xbox 360 Flashing


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We can reprogram your DVD drives to allow you to play backup copies of your original games.


If local to us, this only takes approximately 30 minutes.


                               Latest Firmwares


I-Xtreme LT+V2.01   -  Samsung drives


I-Xtreme LT+V3.0   -  Benq, Phat Lite On drives


I-Xtreme LT+ V3.0  -  Xbox 360 Slim 0225,0272, 0401, 9504 & 1071


                                   *** These take approximately 1 hour to complete ***


I-Xtreme LT+ V3.0  -  Xbox 360 Slim Lite On 1175 & Hitachi drive


                                   *** This is not a whilst you wait service ***





Press HERE to indentify the model of drive fitted inside your SLIM console



This is safe for using the Xbox LIVE service (dashboard 13599)


I-Xtreme LT Plus V3.0 - Hitachi Drives V78 / V79 drives


I-Xtreme LT Plus V2.0 - Hitachi Drives (all other models of drives)



** Note **

We give no guarantees for the use of the Xbox Live service, this is used at your own risk.





You are allowed to make a backup copy of your original game but you must own the original game itself.


We do not participate in software piracy, this is illegal, so please don't ask.


This modification is only intended for playing legitimate backups of your own purchased games. We shall assume no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any misuse of this modification.



The price for flashing the Original Xbox 360 console drives


We Charge 30.00 + 18.00 for Collection and Delivery




To add flashing a drive only to your shopping cart with no shipping costs






**** Note *******


Please select this option if you would like this upgrade whilst your Xbox is being repaired for another fault.

There are no postage costs attached to this and a 5.00 discount is given on the upgrade, so it will cost 25.00.


*** This offer only applies to Original Xbox 360 Phat models, Slim Xbox 360 are not included in this offer ***



The price for flashing the SLIM Xbox 360 console drives


We Charge 50.00 + 18.00 for Collection and Delivery (if not local)


This is only the Lite On 0225, 0272, 0401, 1071 & 9504 - Please check your model, use our guide HERE




The price for flashing the SLIM Xbox 360 Lite On 1175 and Hitachi drives


We charge 95.00 + 18.00 for collection and Delivery (If not local)


This is ONLY for the Lite On 1175 or Hitachi Drives (Normally a console with a MFR date later than Aug - 2011 will have a Lite On 1175 drive fitted.


** The higher costs for this model of drive are due to the fitting of a new control PCB within the DVD drive, we then have to Jtag your console to obtain the DVD drive key, this is needed for the new LT V3.0 firmware. ***







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