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                 Xbox 360 Reset Glitch Hack (Jtag)



To go directly to our new web site press this button  Our New Site



If your dashboard level is too high to allow the normal Jtag hack to be carried out

(dashboard level 2.0.7371) we still may be able to Jtag your console.


This new Hack is called "Reset Glitch Hack" and needs and the installation of a chip.


ALL models of Phat HDMI Xbox 360 consoles (Falcon,Zephyr and Jasper) and ALL versions of the Slim Xbox 360 can have the Reset Glitch Hack carried out.


Once a console has been Reset Glitch Hacked, then the console can no longer be used on the Xbox Live service. We do however offer a Dual boot option for Slim Xbox 360 consoles.


*** Update 3rd March 2013 ****


Phat Xbox 360 HDMI consoles any dashboard version (even the latest 2.0.16203)


The SLIM Xbox 360 console can be on any dashboard (even 16203)


  ****** Note ******


If this hack is carried out, then the console CANNOT be used on the LIVE service



Dual boot option for the Slim Xbox 360  


The Dual boot option for the Slim Xbox 360 consoles gives you the option of using your console normally and being able to use your console on the Xbox Live service.


If you want to use your console as a Jtagged console, you press a switch on the side of your console and the console will now boot as a Jtagged console. This gives you the ability to connect huge hard disks to your console and play games, emulators, etc directly from the external harddisk.







                                Slim Xbox 360 Console with Reset Glitch Installed


    Slim Xbox 360 250 gb - CORONA MAINBOARD Console with Reset Glitch Installed



                     Dual Booting Slim Xbox 360 Console with Reset Glitch Installed





                 Phat ( Original ) Xbox 360 HDMI Console with Reset Glitch Installed



        Phat Xbox 360 BB Jasper 512mb HDMI Console with Reset Glitch Installed


The big block Jasper 256 / 512mb consoles can be difficult to glitch using the Reset Glitch hack, the below video was a console that was sent to ourselves after a customer had sent this console to another company for the Reset Glitch Hack to be installed. The console was returned to them as unglitchable.


How ever we not only managed to successfully install the Reset Glitch Hack into the console, but managed to get it to boot in under four seconds !!!!


Each console is different, but we always ensure every console leaving our premises, glitches as quickly as possible.






                                  The back of a original (Phat) HDMI Console




                                                         **** Note ****


Non HDMI Xbox 360 consoles (Xenon main boards) are not Reset Glitch Hackable.




How this hack works


To explain it (very) simply, we install a chip inside the console thats sends pulses to the processor in order to distabilize the console and allow you to boot unassigned code.


(this can take from 3 seconds - 3 minutes)


Once the hack is activated it allows you to boot unassigned code like Xell or boot another dashboard like FreeStyle Dash or Xexmenu, you can even boot into the latest Freeboot 16203 dashboard.


This also allows you to connect any size external hard disk and play ISO's directly from a harddisk.




Examples of the FreeStyle Dashboard





Other Benefits of carrying out this modification


1. Run Homebrew


2. Run Linux (Xell)


3. Run Emulators


3. Run XBReebooter dashboards - Custom Dashboards + Xell (Linux Bootable)


4. Run XEX Menu - load your games onto your harddisk and play them without having a disk in the DVD drive


5. Connect any size Harddisk, how about a 2TB drive to copy your games to?




Step by Step guide to using your new Reset Glitch Console


We have put together a guide to using your new Reset Glitch (Jtag) Console,

this can be viewed by clicking HERE





To Book this modification


We will JTAG your console and Install Freeboot and Xell (linux bootloader) + this gives you the 16203 dashboard


** Note **

Updates can be installed via USB memory stick and XEX Loader, using a program called "360Flash"


The cost of this amazing modification is 70.00



Total Cost (excluding shipping options below) - 70.00



Link to our new site


The Slim Xbox 360 DUAL boot option (For Normal Use / Jtagged Use)


Total Cost (excluding shipping options below) - 119.99


Link to our new site



                                     Jtag / Reset Glitch Hack dashboard updates


Is your console already Jtagged or Reset Glitch Hacked and you want your dashboard version updating to the very latest Jtag / Reset Glitch Dashboard (currently 16203).


We can carry out this upgrade for you.


We can do this update for you, without risk of you damaging / bricking your console


Total Cost (excluding shipping options below) - 30.00



Link to our new site




                        **Next select shipping option best suited to yourself**





You can send up to three consoles in the same box for the same fixed courier charge of 18.00.


 Collection and Delivery


We use Parcel Force 24 to provide a next day service, which is fully insured both journeys and fully trackable. You can select the collection and delivery address yourself, this can be a place of work, etc.


   Total cost of 18.00





   Delivery Only

  You send the console to us and then after the modification, we ship it back to you via Parcel Force 24   n  

   service, fully trackable and insured.


   Total cost of 9.50







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