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                   Xbox 360 Repair Service






We are specialists in repairing Microsoft's Xbox 360 console



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Other services offered by ourselves


  • Fit Custom Cases
  • Modify the consoles LED lights, i.e. Super bright cool blue
  • Install Extra Cooling fans
  • Modify / Supply -  wireless controllers to allow uncapped RAPID FIRE on Call of Duty (whilst playing online) - Please ask for details



We repair all faults to Microsoft's specifications, repairing your console using our


         Professional computer controlled Infrared BGA Rework stations



(Unlike other companies which fit cheap kits, that may get your console working, but cause long term damage your console.)


These professionally re solder (reflow) the bad connections on your main board to repair the actual fault on the main board.  





The faults below are covered under our Fixed Price repair of 30.00



  • 2 Red Lights (overheating problems)


  • 3 Red Lights (Red ring of Death)


  • 4 Red Lights


  • Picture Freezing whilst playing games


  • No Picture or  No Sound



  • Had the X-Clamps removed and still displaying RROD - then we can help !


  • Not Reading Games "Dirty Disc Error", "Unplayable Disc Error" (laser unit swap only, not a complete drive swap in fixed price repair)



The fault below is repaired under our Fixed Price repair of 35.00


  • 1 Red light (E73) Error E73 displayed on screen


  • 1 Red light (E74) Error E74 displayed on screen



*** NOTE ****

If a console has been repaired previously and the X clamps have been removed, there is a possibility that the console will not be able to be repaired by a reflow and a reball will be required.



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                            Full service of your console


We can also fully service your console, this can help prevent a failure due to heating from dirt and debris inside the console, the work we carry out for this includes :-


  • Full strip down and clean of the whole console
  • Full strip down of the DVD drive, clean + lubricate head rails
  • Remove old thermal compund from CPU and GPU chips on the main board
  • Re Assemble the console using Higher grade thermal compound to ensure more efficient heat dispersal from the core chips on the main board.
  • Outer case fully cleaned and the console soak tested under extreme load conditions for 1 hour.



   Fixed Price of 20.00 


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Extra Cooling for your console


We have two options available to you to ensure that your console is kept nice and cool, the fact that the console overheats causes the red light errors on your console.


1. Internal Core cooling fan


    This fan is speed variable, so as your main fans increase in

     speed,  so does this fan, this helps keep your console cool.


     Best of all there is no noticeable extra noise, so it won't annoy

     your game playing.




2. Up rate the Graphics processor fan


     We can uprate the Graphics processor fan, this ensures that the Graphics

     processor is kept as cool as possible. This improves cooling by 100%.


     This makes the fan slightly noisier, but the benefit is well worth it




3.  Ultimate Cooling


    We will carry out option 1 and 2 (above), this ensures your 

     console is running as cool as we can make it.


     We give you a 2.00 discount on the normal combined price.






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Highly recommended if you are a heavy user of the Call of duty or Fifa games.



We only can supply and fit this to your console whilst it is being repaired for the low price of




To book a Repair or Service



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