Terms and Conditions


If for any reason we cannot repair your console, there will be no charge – providing that you have made no attempt to repair it yourself. If however, you have attempted to repair your console, there will be a 10.00 surcharge, this is to cover the engineers time working on your console.


Postage costs may be subject to change due to variation in courier charges.


If, following the first repair, the same fault arises again within the warranty period; the cost of the courier must be paid by the customer.


By sending / bringing your console to our company for repair, you are agreeing that Console Wizard can carry out the repair on the console and that you will be invoiced for the work carried out and any postage costs.


All reasonable effort will be made to contact you should the work be more extensive that first thought.


Consoles not collected after 2 months will be disposed off if they are unrepairable or sold to recover the repair costs incurred by Console Wizard




Your warranty covers a refix of the original fau