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          Sony PSP 3000 Repairs                          


We are the No.1 choice in the UK for professional repairs to this fantastic handheld console.


The most common repairs vary from replacing broken LCD screens, replacing faulty UMD drives (when games will not load anymore), replacing Joysticks or buttons and upgrading them to custom firmware (if current firmware is V5.03 or below)


Why go to the expensive of purchasing a new console, when we can bring your faulty console back to 100% health, at a fraction of the cost.


Most repairs are done on a fixed price basis, if you cannot find the fault you are

experiencing below, then please contact us.


The prices below are for the supply and fitting of the replacement parts


You send your console to us via 1st Class recorded delivery, we ship it back to you via Parcelforce 24 (next day service)





                                        Broken or Cracked LCD screen


Sony PSP 3000 series -  44.99 + 7.00 delivery after repair






                                           Your PSP will not load games


Laser replacement - PSP 3000  series - 39.99 + 7.00 delivery after repair






                                 Your PSP has button / Joystick problems


Joystick Replacement - 17.99 + 7.00 delivery after repair

Button problems  (PSP 1000 or 2000 Series) 19.99 + 7.00 delivery after repair




Free quotation service


If your fault is not above, then we can diagnose the fault on your console, this is a free service, then contact you with a price to repair your console.


Please send your console to us via 1st class recorded delivery, all we require is for you to cover the return delivery cost of 7.00





We can also arrange collection of the faulty console from yourself, but this is more expensive than you shipping it to us yourself. Please contact us if you would like us to arrange the collection.


If you are dropping off to save postage costs, this is fine, our address is here.


We will repair your console and return it back to you normally within 72 hours of receipt.


We have hundreds of happy customers !!


We also offer a 3 month warranty on our repairs for your peace of mind. (exclusions may apply) 





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