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 PSP 3000 Custom Firmware                      


Do you want your Sony PSP 3000 upgraded to the latest CUSTOM Firmware?


If your current firmware is 5.03 or below, then we can convert your PSP3000 to run custom firmware.


Custom Firmware


This allows you to run programs direct from your Memory card and not from the UMD Drive, therefore saving battery power.



You can also run emulators for the below consoles, to enable you to run the games available, which are easily downloadable from the internet for free !


Sega MegaDrive


Super Nintendo


Mame - Actual arcade machine ROMS - Why not play the ACTUAL game from the arcade!!




Watch Films directly from your memory card!




This doesn't invalidate your warranty as your PSP is

not opened or any warranty seals touched.


The cost for this service is 19.99 + 7.00 courier delivery.

*** Note ***


If you would like to have your PSP upgraded to custom firmware whilst it is being repaired, then please select the below option. This will not add any additional postage costs.



Courier Delivery


This will be via Parcel force 24, which is a 24 hour service and is fully insured and track able. We can also arrange collection to save you hassle and reduce the postage cost to ourselves.


All upgrades are carried out on the day of receipt, so you could have your console back within three days of sending it to us.





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