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             Sony Playstation 3 Harddisk Upgrade


Are you finding the internal hard disk in your console is becoming full?


Once you start saving photographs, movies and music to your hard disk, you will find that the standard internal hard disks (40, 60 or 80gb) soon become full.


We can upgrade the size of your hard disk to bring it up to date with the bigger drives that are now available. This will give you substantially more storage space.


Its not expensive to upgrade your drive, we can supply and fit a brand new hard drive for you.


The costs for this are :-



160gb Harddisk  -  55.00


250gb Harddisk  -  65.00


320gb Harddisk  -  75.00


500gb Harddisk  -  85.00


640gb Harddisk  -  110.00


The above prices are for locally dropped off consoles into our workshop, we will need your console for approx 1 hour to carry out the above work.


If you would like us to backup all of your data held on the existing hard disk and then restore it to your new upgraded hard disk, then we will need your console for 24 hours.


if you are not local and postage costs are involved, then these would be additional if were required.


Please call or email us for details of the above upgrades.



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