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                 Sony Playstation 3 Repair Service



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We are UK specialist repair centre for the for Sony Playstation PS3.


  • Our engineers are fully trained on the Sony PS3 console


  • We only use original Sony replacement parts to ensure that the build quality of your console is retained


  • Professional fully equipped workshop to diagnose and repair all faults


  • We repair all faults to Sony's exact specifications


  • We repair YOUR console and don't give you a reconditioned one back unlike Sony.


  • Your data and any disk stuck in the drive are perfectly safe and given back to you after the repair


  • We carry virtually every part in stock to reduce delays in repair times


  • All repairs come with the same warranty as Sony - 3 months (for your peace of mind)


Console Wizard are the UK's leading repair centre for this superb games console. we have the latest fully equipped workshop to enable us to diagnose and repair all faults on the console, whether its the original or the new Slim version.



There are common faults that occur on the Playstation 3 console and these are listed below. These are usually the same problems on both the Original and Slim versions, both models of the console are covered under our fixed price repair policy.




     YLOD - Yellow Light of Death


 Normally identified by


 1. Power LED lights green at switch on

 2. Power LED turns Yellow

 3. There are three beeps

 4. Power LED turns RED



                                                 Common Faults









We repair this fault using our Computer controlled Dark Infrared BGA rework stations, these safely re solder (reflow) the main board to exact manufacturers specifications. This ensures that your consoles main board is not damaged or stressed during this process.


                      One of our Computer Controlled Dark Infrared reflow stations







  • Your data is 100% safe on the hard disk
  • If a game is stuck in the drive, then this is safe and will be returned with your working console.


There are two repair options available for this fault


1.  A full re solder of the main board - this can be booked below. We will fully resolder your consoles main board, give your console a full service and upgrade the thermal compound used within the PS3. For your peace of mind we give you three months warranty.


2.  A re ball option.(this is on a seperate page - see link below or left hand button)


This involves removing the RSX Chip (graphics processor), fitting a brand new chip and soldering the chip back to the main board using LEAD solder. For your peace of mind we give you a six month warranty


The re ball option can be booked through our new website


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Console's Fan ramping to unbearable noise level


Does your console's fan keep speeding up until the noise level is unbearable?


Does it sound like you have a vacuum cleaner inside your console?


We can repair this fault for you, the full repair consists of


1. Strip down your console and carry out a full service


2. Repair the problem on your main board causing the fault.


3. Exhaustively test your console to confirm everything is okay.



This is a fixed price repair of


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Blu Ray Drive Problems (Original or Slim PS3)


1. Problems loading games


2. Not recognising games when inserted into the Blu Ray Drive


3. Disc Error being displayed


All of the above faults are symptoms that your Blu Ray laser is faulty


To repair this fault we


  • Replace the Laser Carriage assembly, which includes the Laser, Disc motor, Laser head motor - which is like fitting a brand new drive at a fraction of the cost.


  • We only use Sony original replacement parts to ensure quality and peace of mind for our customers.


This is a fixed price repair of


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Dead or Switches off after a few minutes - Internal Power Supply Fault


1. Do you have no power LED on the front of your Playstation 3 console when switched on


2. Does your console switch off after a few minutes of use?


Both of the above faults can be caused by a faulty internal powers supply unit. We can supply and fit a brand new Original Sony replacement part to ensure that your console is working and your consoles build quality is not compromised. We give you three months warranty with all  repairs carried out by ourselves, for your peace of mind.


This is a fixed price repair of


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Internal Cooling modification to help prevent the YLOD


The YLOD symptom is caused due to the console overheating, we can upgrade the consoles Internal PWM fan controller to allow us to increase the speed of the original fan.


We adjust the speed of the fan to an acceptable noise level, which ensures that the console is kept at its coolest.


This is a must for heavy users of games like Call of Duty, etc....


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      Full service of your console to help prevent the YLOD


    We can also fully service your console, the work we carry out for this includes :-


  • Full strip down and clean of the whole console and fan assembly
  • Remove old thermal compund from CPU and RSX chips on the main board
  • Re Assemble the console using Higher grade thermal compound to ensure more efficient heat dispersal from the core chips on the main board.
  • Outer case fully cleaned and the console soak tested under extreme load conditions for 1 hour.


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Bricked PS3 after a system update


Has your console become bricked following a failed system update. Are you left with a black screen after carrying out a system update?


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Any other faults - Free estimates given





We will repair your console and return it back to you normally within 72 hours of receipt (if we have spares required in stock).



We also offer a 3 month warranty on our repairs for your peace of mind. (exclusions may apply) 





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